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A&D; Entertainment

Headquartered in Singapore and now expanding in Indonesia. A&D; Entertainment is a copyright agency that brings creative author, writer, comic creator, and other content creator to bring and introduce their creation towards the global market. We also provide advice and idea for Authors on how the market perceive on their creation as well as the market popular trend.

Why Copyrighting your work?

There are so many plagiarisms happened in the world of literature and content creation such as comic and graphical art design. The most damaging effect for plagiarism is that they steal the work of others to benefit themselves. By working with us, we can help the Content creators to monetize their work through many of our channels and affiliates through the right platform which will minimize the damage cause by the plagiarism.


Contents that can work with us:


We accept many kinds of Novel genres such as Fantasy, Romance, Horror and others. Our job is to help distribute your creation into many channels that needs content to maximize your revenue.


Since we work with many platforms, your comics exposure will be wider towards global audiences. This can increase your potential income and popularity for the comic creation you make.

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