AnD Contract — Respond to Claim that it’s Bad Contract

Hey there, so you’re an author… we like your work and one of our editors have contacted you offering a Non-Exclusive contract.

Naturally, many authors would Google AnD Entertainment to verify our credibility. You then found articles in the internet claiming we have bad contracts. In our opinion, such claims are unfortunately unprofessional.

Unverified claims

Our first reason to say it is unprofessional is because like any review, it is better if you’ve actually tried the product. Reviews that are based on opinions and observations is most probably inaccurate, one-sided and some would even consider inappropriate.

In regards to open claims in the internet, we cannot possibly try to respond to each and everyone. Thus we made a post on our web to let authors know where we stand. AnD sincerely tries to help authors jump start their careers, but unfortunately have been widely misunderstood due to these open claims on the internet that are not verified.

Against Scammers

AnD Entertainment is strongly against irresponsible publishers or agencies who have entrapped inexperienced authors into binding contracts using slight of words and trickeries.

However, many thanks to authors who have patiently communicated with us and conducted Zoom sessions with our editors; these meetings have proved that our contracts are reasonable, beneficial, and truly one-of-a-kind contract that is directed to help author gain back their creativity rights and ownership to their work.

AnD Entertainment have partnered with a sizeable number of authors all around the world. They have enjoyed the simplicity of how we work, enjoyed the benefit of publishing their work into multi reading platform and surely have enjoyed the freedom they have gained by choosing to partner with us.

During our partnership, we have been transparent at how we work, prompt on any payment that has to be paid and we have created an environment where authors can focus on what really matter the most: Storytelling.

Is there such thing as the perfect contract? We don’t think so

We are not saying we have the perfect contract. In our opinion, realistically, there’s never a perfect contract. Think of the many contracts we have signed: bank contracts, telephone company contracts, contracts with landlords, contracts with the gas company and so many other contracts we have signed during our lifetime. There’s always a clause that would live up to our heart’s content.

Nevertheless we invite you to talk with us, discuss how these terms are applied to our partnership. We are confident that once you get to know us, you would know where we stand, how we operate and in no way we would put authors in a position anywhere close to open claims that you’ve read in internet.

Come and talk with us over a Live session

To answer the question, does AnD has bad contract terms? We don’t think so. Are we scammers? Absolutely not. We invite you to join our Discord group and have a healthy discussion about the advantage and disadvantage of partnering with AnD:

Join our Discord group:

If ever in our contract that you find one of the clauses does not fit your need at the moment, you are free to reject our offer and we wish that we would have the opportunity to partner with you in the future. Please let us know your concern and we would address them on a point per point basis. Contact us now.